Pause Button is an online publication about technology and culture published by the Milieux Institute at Concordia University in Montreal. 

Have you ever noticed how the vast majority of public writing about technology in Canada (digital or otherwise) happens in the business pages of newspaper and magazines? While arguably at the core of our contemporary social experience, there is almost no critical engagement with technology as culture. Compare, if you like, technology writing in the UK’s Guardian newspaper, or Atlantic magazine in the US, or even Wired. Canada has Spark on CBC radio but that’s about it. And so we aspire to produce high quality writing about technology and culture in our Canadian and our Montreal context. As our springboard we will use the work, issues, relationships, and networks of the 200+ members of the Milieux Institute at Concordia. Our work at the Institute will aspire to be communicated via Pause Button, not as public relations or accountability, but as a matter of developing the skill of good public writing that adds value and meaning for readers beyond our workplace.